About the Nationwide Business Bureau

The Nationwide Business Bureau was created out of need, due to the lack of parity displayed by other rating agencies in the marketplace.

Empirical data has proven that customers make their buying decisions based upon emotion, and then justify their purchases with logic and/or fact. By leveling the playing field, informed customers now have the ability to make educated buying decisions by utilizing our resource which accurately displays the sentiment of real customers.

The Nationwide Business Bureau was founded on two simple principles. First, a business needs to have an unbiased online venue to showcase their past performance, including both positive and negative reviews, to assist potential customers in deciding who will earn their business. Second, the Nationwide Business Bureau strongly believes when a business performs at the highest level and provides excellent customer service and satisfaction; attributes such as the length of time in business, total number of employees or the nature of their business should not be viewed as a negative in the rating equation.

The Nationwide Business Bureau believes that each business should stand on its own merit, no matter the industry. Additionally, one customer complaint should not carry enough weight to overshadow the success of many satisfied clients.

Too often, blogs, forums and discussion boards only dwell on negative reviews, while giving no credit for a job well done. Typically, our competitors focus solely on the good or bad reviews of a business, but never both when processing their evaluation. This may unjustly skew a customer's decision making process.

Based upon our Rating Method and Special Awards, the Nationwide Business Bureau offers the only true neutral arena where a business' rating is based upon testimonials and reviews issued by their existing clientele. As a business excels over time, they are recognized with Special Awards which are proudly displayed on their respective landing page. Each business is reviewed daily and in real time, to ensure the correct award is displayed when earned.

Thank you for visiting the Nationwide Business Bureau.

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